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Schedule, Fees, FAQ


Term 1

1 January to 10 March 2024 (10 Lessons)

Term 2

18 March to 9 June 2024 (12 Lessons)

Terms and Conditions

One-Time Registration fee of $80 for all new students.

Material fee of $40 chargeable per term.

All fees are payable before the start of the term.

Fees will be pro-rated for students joining after term has begun.

Make-up Lesson Policy

Students are entitled to a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term.

Notice of absence should be given at least 24 hours in advance.

Arrangements for make-up lessons will be made only for students under the following circumstances:

  • Sick with an official medical certificate.
  • Attending compulsory school events (letters from school required).

Our make-up lessons policy is to facilitate emergency and unforeseen situations and we would appreciate it if students do not abuse the system.

If you do not attend the make-up lesson or provide sufficient notice, the company reserves the right to offer it to another student and it is deemed that you have used up this make-up lesson assigned.

All make-up lessons are recommedned to be taken before the end of the weekly cycle as missed lessons can cause gaps in learning. If you are not able to bring your child for lesson in the week, our centre will provide an alternative date within a month. No make-up lesson can be carried over into another term’s fee.

If your child’s teacher is unable to conduct any lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, a replacement teacher will take over the lessons or a replacement lesson will be arranged during the term.

Fees & Schedule

Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
($117 per lesson)
($128 per lesson)
1 Hour 45 Minutes
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Primary 6 Foundation
($125 per lesson)
($135 per lesson)
2 Hours
Primary 1Thursday2:30-4:15pmLousie SieAVAILABLE
Primary 2Tuesday3:00-4:45pmLouise SieAVAILABLE
Friday2:45-4:30pmSee Lay YenFULL
Saturday3:00-4:45pmSee Lay YenAVAILABLE
Primary 3Tuesday5:15-7pmSee Lay YenFULL
Friday5:00-6:45pmSee Lay YenAVAILABLE
Sunday10:00-11:45amNeo Yi Ting/See Loo PengFULL
Primary 4Monday3:00 - 5:00pmNeo Yi Ting/Lousie SieFULL
Tuesday3:00-5:00pmSee Lay YenAVAILABLE
Saturday10:00 - 12:00pmSee Lay YenFULL
Saturday10:00-12:00pmLouise Sie1 SEAT LEFT
Primary 5Monday5:00 - 7:00pmNeo Yi Ting/Louise SieFULL
Thursday3:15 - 5:15pmSee Lay Yen1 SEAT LEFT
Saturday12:45-2:45pmSee Lay YenAVAILABLE
Primary 6Wednesday4:15 - 6:15pmNeo Yi Ting/Louise SieAVAILABLE
Sunday1:00 - 3:00pmSee Loo Peng1 SEAT LEFT
Primary 6 FoundationThursday5:15 - 7:15pmNeo Yi Ting/ See Lay YenAVAILABLE
P2 Online VocabThursday3:00 - 3:50pmNeo Yi Ting/See Loo PengAVAILABLE
P3 Online VocabWednesday3:00 - 3:50pmNeo Yi Ting/See Loo PengAVAILABLE
P4 Online VocabFriday2:45-4:30pmNeo Yi Ting/See Loo PengAVAILABLE


Do you follow the MOE curriculum?

Yes, we teach the same curriculum as used in mainstream MOE schools.

How are you different from mainstream MOE schools?

At MandarinStars, we specialise in helping students who are struggling with Chinese, whether it’s because they just dislike the subject, or have an underlying learning difficulty such as poor working memory, dyslexia, attention-deficit disorder or others.

We first assess and identify each student’s abilities and any underlying issues. This helps our teachers (and parents) understand what the student needs to successfully learn. We can then customise an appropriate learning environment with the right materials and teaching methods. To allow such a high level of customisation, classes are kept small at 5 or less students.

If my child is struggling to learn Chinese in mainstream schools, how will your centre be any different?

We provide a student-centred learning environment very different from that found in mainstream schools. We keep class sizes small, 6 or less students per class, so that we can teach at a pace and depth that is effective for students.

I've tried enrolling my child at other tuition centres and Chinese enrichment but nothing works. Can you help?

When children struggle at a learning task, it makes them frustrated and robs them of confidence. Learning becomes a dreaded activity and can lead to school refusal (and tuition refusal). We start by creating opportunities for students to experience small wins and celebrating success. We want to instill confidence and nurture children’s innate curiousity to learn. This is why our students enjoy coming to MandarinStars as it is a positive, confidence-boosting experience for them.

What kind of results can I expect after enrolling my child in MandarinStars?

At MandarinStars, we specialise in helping students struggling with Chinese to grow into confident learners. With confidence and love of learning, academic results will follow.

What teaching methods and strategies to accommodate children with dyslexia, ADHD, and other special needs?

Students are assessed and their progress constantly monitored by our teachers and child psychologist. Based on needs of individual students, we use a lot of mnemonics, such as pictures, songs, and objects to encode information into long-term memory. Teachers are supported by the psychologist who trains them on various classroom and student management strategies to ensure students are able to learn effectively without disrupting other students’ learning experience.

Are your teachers specialised in special needs learning?

Our teachers are specialised in teaching students with special learning needs, having been selected based on their past experience teaching both mainstream and special needs students. Our teachers offer graduate and postgraduate degrees in teaching Chinese and further undergo our in-house training programme with Frances Yeo, a child psychologist with years of experience in paediatric work, diagnostic assessments and managing students with challenging behaviours.

What resources or accommodations do you provide for children with sensory sensitivities or other sensory challenges?

We are very mindful in our approach and seek to create a very conducive environment for students with special needs to learn. Classrooms are deliberately kept free of clutter with just a few tables and chairs to accommodate a small class size of up to 5 students maximum.

Can students with special needs learn successfully in a class setting?

By keeping class sizes small, we can place students in classes where they are most likely to thrive and learn alongside students of roughly the same level. Students are first assessed based on their proficiency and learning ability, then placed accordingly so the pace of learning and types of materials used is suited to their needs.

How do you communicate with parents about their child's progress, and can I expect regular updates on their development in Mandarin learning?

Parents can expect a high level of communication from our teachers on your child’s progress and regular updates before or after classes.

What is the duration and frequency of your Mandarin classes, and do you offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate busy families?

Classes are held once a week for 1 hr, 45 min or up to 2 hours, depending on the level. Classes are held Mondays through to Saturdays and Sundays.

Are there any additional resources or support services available to help parents support their child's Mandarin learning journey at home?

Yes, in addition to regular in-person classes, MandarinStars also offers catch-up classes online as an additional resource for students to further catch-up on their reading and word recognition.

What is the process for enrolling my child, and what are the fees associated with your program?

Enrol your child by using the contact form on this website. A friendly team member will contact you to schedule a suitable date for a trial class, after which, you can select a suitable timing. Classes are offered according to academic terms. You can enrol your child at any time during a term. Fees range from $1,000 to $1,500 per term depending on the level and number of weeks in the term.

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