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Why Choose MandarinStars Learning Centre?

We provide a very specialised type of tuition for students struggling with Chinese in mainstream MOE schools. Using insights from the latest educational and psychological research, our program caters to students with learning deficits such as poor working memory, dyslexia, attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum, or poor self-esteem, low confidence and others.

Students enjoy learning Chinese at MandarinStars because the learning environment here is customised to each student. The way we teach, materials used, and the lessons themselves, are all matched to each student’s unique abilities and learning challenges. We can do this because class sizes are 6 or less, and each student is first assessed, then placed in an appropriate class. Each class is bespoke and customised to the students in the class.

MandarinStars was founded by Frances Yeo, child psychologist of over 20 years’ experience, and a team of experienced Chinese language curriculum writers and Chinese language teachers. All of our teachers undergo in-house training on our exclusive MandarinStars curriculum.

Research-based Pedagogy

Guided by research in educational and cognitive psychology, our curriculum team designs lessons that enhance students’ learning and retention.

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Lessons are delivered in small blocks, which build up to the learning objective, in a process known as scaffolding.

Based On MOE Syllabus

We teach the MOE curriculum by adapting the mainstream curriculum to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

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Our programme covers the various components that are taught in schools such as Oral, Listening Comprehension, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Language Use, Reading Comprehension and Composition Writing.

Student-Centred Learning

There are many reasons why students struggle with learning Chinese, such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism and other learning difficulties.

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By keeping class sizes to less than 6 students, we can suit teaching pace and depth to each student. In our classrooms, students take an active role in their learning process, while teachers act as facilitators. Our students look forward to our MandarinStars lessons.

Customised Teaching Materials

Instead of rote learning, we use pictures, colours, stories to help students remember Chinese characters. Our exclusive MandarinStars learning materials are particularly effective in supporting neurodiverse students in retaining their learning.

Our curriculum team is committed to developing inclusive lessons that leverage technology and multi-sensory activities to enhance inclusivity and encourage active learning. By utilizing our carefully crafted learning materials, we enhance students’ working memory skills and facilitate the consolidation of their newfound knowledge.


Many students struggle with reading and spelling in Chinese due to confusion with visually similar characters or forgetting what they learn. Our curriculum team designs creative mnemonics to help students learn characters, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Who Should Enrol With MandarinStars

Students in MOE schools from Primary 1 to 6 and Primary 6 (Foundation Level)

Students struggling to cope with Chinese in mainstream education.

Students who take a long time to learn Chinese words but then seem to forget them quickly.

Students diagnosed with, or showing signs of, Chinese dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum, dyslexia or other learning difficulties.

Our Curriculum
Gamification of learning

How Does MandarinStars Teach Chinese To Students With ADHD and Dyslexia

For students weak in Chinese, mainstream school classrooms can be unforgiving and frustrating environments. With class sizes of 30 to 40 students per class, there is little scope for teachers to cater to the weaker students. Chinese itself is not easy to learn. Characters look similar, share the same sound but may have totally different meanings. That’s why we teach in a novel way based on:

  • Scaffolding: break down characters into component parts
  • Engaging: use pictures, colours, mnemonics to help students differentiate characters
  • Consolidating: multi-sensory activities help students remember what they just learnt
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Our Chinese Tuition Programmes

Primary 1 and 2

Primary 3 and 4

Primary 5 and 6

Primary 6 Foundation

Hear What Parents and Students Say!

Our customer testimonials

My 6-year-old son enjoys the Chinese classes conducted by the Teacher Lay Yen, and has made great progress in both speaking and writing in Mandarin. I am confident he will continue to make good progress under the gentle guidance of his teacher.

Mrs ZhongStudent: Isaac Zhong, 6 years old

The program gives my child a positive and secured learning space to learn Chinese. It supplements what has been taught in school and reinforces the learning.

Isaac ChuaStudent: Nate Chua, 9 years old

It's never easy to coach and tutor a child with special needs and we very much appreciate the patience and support rendered by the team and his tutor Yen Lao Shi. My child at times complained about going to school but he never complained about going for class with Mandarinstars.

Youqing XuStudent: 11 years old

Dedicated and patient teachers who understand my child's learning challenges. Spent years in other Chinese enrichment classes without visible improvement. I finally see progress after my son joined Mandarinstars.

SaraStudent: 8 years old

The teachers here use methodology specifically designed for students struggling to learn Chinese Language and are very encouraging towards the students. My two children gain confidence and motivation to learn the Chinese Language.

NoreenStudent: 10 and 11 years old

Finally a Chinese enrichment class that my daughter enjoys going and told me that she finally enjoys Chinese!

WileenStudent: 10 years old

The program gives my child a positive and secured learning space to learn Chinese. It supplements what has been taught in school and reinforces the learning.

Isaac ChuaStudent: Nate Chua, 9 years old

Teacher Yi Ting with the support of Mandarin Stars staff have inspired Caleb to find enjoyment in Chinese. Even his school teacher has noticed a significant improvement! Very happy that we have found Mandarin Stars.

Denise OngStudent: Caleb Ong, 12 years old

Alexis enjoys lessons with Teacher Yi Ting. The MandarinStars teaching methods help Alexis to retain and recognise Chinese characters and has helped her gain more confident of her Chinese abilities. Teacher Yi Ting is patient and motivates Alexis with words of encouragement with each improvement she makes. The Center Administrator also takes effort to check in when Alexis has not arrived on time for class. Thank you for ensuring her safety!

JoyStudent: Alexis, 12 years old

This is the only Chinese class my son enjoys. He looks forward to attending Teacher Loo Peng’s lesson. The small class size and interesting methods of teaching allow the children to benefit greatly.

LynnStudent: Lucas, 11 years old

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